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Mezethes Greek Taverna, Salamanca Hobart

Mezethes Greek Taverna, Salamanca Square

Mezethes is a Greek Taverna located at Salamanca Square in Hobart, Tasmania. Our position at the end of Mr Wooby’s Lane is where we occupy one the the many historic bond stores that reflect so much of the early settlement era of Hobart.

We look forward to having you make a reservation to dine in our Hobart Greek restaurant.

Mezethes means “many little dishes” or “to graze” and it’s the way we eat at home, a series of small tasty dishes that combine to make a meal.

At our Hobart restaurant we encourage you to sample a range of our traditional Greek style dishes, all prepared using the best-quality Tasmanian ingredients wherever possible. We cater for all dietary requirements, with many wonderful vegetarian meals.

If this is your first experience of Greek style food, we suggest that you may like to try one of our set menu options.

Dining at Mezethes

Dining at Mezethes

To compliment your Greek food experience we have selected a range of local and imported beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs.

At Mezethes’ we want you to really enjoy yourself, have fun and we invite you to learn a little Greek language while your here to compliment the dining experience.

The last page of our Menu contains enough information for you to construct simple Greek sentences – if your feeling adventurous, you might even like to try ordering in Greek! (click here to learn)

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